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Future Schools

There appear to be no charities in the Nairobi slums that have formed long term partnerships with community schools to address feeding, facility development, and teacher development. There are plenty that engage in each area on one off projects which is wonderful but does not provide children with the long term support they need. Education is empowering but for it to be effective it needs to be high quality and in place for many years.

We believe that we can address a number of social issues through education such as poverty, prejudice against HIV infected people, and equality between men and women that will enable Kenyans to build a better society themselves. In the long term we aim to repeat what we are doing at Excel Emmanuel for many community schools in the slums. In March, we aim to identify the next school we would like to support as we are doing for Excel Emmanuel. Key to our success is fund raising, of course.

In the Nairobi slums, HIV positive people quickly find themselves unemployed because of the social stigma and fear of the disease. We are investigating ways of working with HIV groups to enable them to become self-sufficient and help increase understanding of the disease.

Visiting a school in Kisumu.

Schools in Kisumu and Kiberia.

A view over the Kibera slums.

An alley in the Kibera slums.

Pupils at a school in the Ngando slums.

A school in the Ngando slums.

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